The Pre-Inspection Benefits to the Seller

Although this article is called “The Pre-Inspection Benefits to the Seller,” we think it could also be called, “How to Sell Your Home Faster.”

Two Possible Paths
1. You list your home. A potential buyer falls in love with it. They do the home inspection, and the report shows 12 items that need to be addressed. The potential buyer may have another home they liked that does not have any issues so switches to Plan B. Or the buyer may require some or all those items to be fixed or negotiate to have the sale price lowered instead. The back-and-forth negotiation of these items prolongs the process and can be exhausting for both parties.

2. You get a home inspection prior to listing your home. The report shows 12 items that you need to deal with, so you make sure each item is fixed or updated as needed. Then you list your home. A potential buyer falls in love with it. They do the home inspection and it is clean — no issues. The buyer is happy and the sale of your home proceeds to closing, quickly and smoothly.

4-Point Inspection
Having a pre-inspection eliminates surprises and provides peace of mind. By already knowing any 4-point issues (HVAC, electric wiring and panels, plumbing connections and fixtures, and roof), you can price the home strategically and you can negotiate from a stronger position. Your roof, your plumbing, your electric, and other behind-the-scenes key elements of your home may not be your areas of expertise. A home inspector gives you insight into those items so you know where things stand today.

Whether you are currently living in the home that you want to list or it is your second home or an investment property for renting, a pre-listing inspection uncovers potential problems so you can keep your buyer!

Primary Residence
If the home you are selling is your primary residence, you may be aware of what home repairs or modifications need to be addressed. Often though, we learn to live with things as they are. The home inspection brings a fresh set of eyes — and experience — to what is going on in your home. This is extremely helpful in addressing items BEFORE a potential buyer sees your home or does their own home inspection.

Second Home or Investment Property
If the home you are selling is not your primary residence, it is even more important to have a home inspection prior to listing the home. By not living there daily, you may not be aware of basic, or not so basic, items that need to be improved to put your home in its best light.

Know Your Home
“On average, for every $100 in deficiencies that are identified by a home inspection, the buyer wants $1,000 from the seller.” –Danny Logue

That is why having a pre-listing inspection to uncover problems is protecting you! Know the condition of your home. Let Pillar To Post help you have a smooth sale by finding issues prior to you putting your home on the market. Contact us today, 727-934-8339.