Renting a Home? Consider a Home Inspection for Your Investment Property

A lot of work goes into renting a home, from the rental price to the term specifics like whether you’ll allow pets, who is responsible for lawn care, and rules for your prospective tenant. Whether you plan on renting with the help of a management company or alone, one more thing should be on your list: a home inspection before your first tenant moves in. A home inspection before you begin offering the rental provides several benefits to both you and the tenants.

You Can Fix Things Now
It’s easier to take care of issues when a home is vacant rather than occupied by a tenant. If a home inspector finds a small issue, your tenant won’t be inconvenienced by the repair when it becomes evident to them. If the inspector finds something bigger, you can take care of it before listing the property and your tenant will never know there was ever an issue.

Plan for the Future
Because home inspectors are paid to find problems in a home, they will let you know of anything they discover. It may be that your air conditioner isn’t cooling to the proper temperature which may prompt you to have it repaired. The HVAC company may let you know that, due to the age of the unit, you should plan on replacing it in the next few years. With this information, you can budget ahead of time for the major investment of a new HVAC system rather than feel stuck when the tenant calls in the middle of the summer and you’re desperate for a fix. This is also true for many of your major appliances and your roofing.

Dispute Resolution
If your tenant does not adequately care for your property and you end up in court over home damages, the home inspection report can serve as a written document from a third party showing the state of the home prior to the tenants moving in. Home inspectors look for things that are wrong and would have noted big and small issues. If you fixed these issues prior to a tenant’s move-in date and have the invoice from the repair company, you may avoid any disputes from a tenant regarding items in disrepair.

A home inspection prior to becoming a landlord is an investment in the safety of your property. If you’re looking for home inspectors locally in Palm Harbor, Clearwater, or anywhere in Pinellas County, call Pillar To Post. We provide home inspections for buyers, seller and landlords. Call us today at (727) 934-8339 to schedule your inspection.