Should You Buy or Sell During this Pandemic?

Should You Buy or Sell a Home Now? It’s evident that the coronavirus pandemic has changed how we think about even the most common life events. Buying or selling a home is certainly one such event people are giving greater consideration to more than before. Although there are many people who have no choice when… Read more »

How the Closing Process Has Changed Due to COVID-19

How the Closing Process Has Changed Due to COVID-19

  Whether you’re in the process of buying or selling a home or thinking over the possibility, you should know that the closing process has changed over the past few months. If you’re the buyer, your lender will still require all the same information and inspections, but these may be handled differently than before. As… Read more »

The Pre-Inspection Benefits to the Seller

Although this article is called “The Pre-Inspection Benefits to the Seller,” we think it could also be called, “How to Sell Your Home Faster.” Two Possible Paths 1. You list your home. A potential buyer falls in love with it. They do the home inspection, and the report shows 12 items that need to be… Read more »