How Real Estate Showings are Changing

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, we’ve seen many changes as a country. Although some industries and businesses have had to cease operation for the time being, the real estate industry isn’t one of them. As a home inspection company, we’ve certainly made changes to our policies and procedures for the protection of the buyer and seller. However, there are many changes relevant to the entire industry, some of which we expect will continue post-pandemic because they benefit both buyers and sellers. Here are a few of the changes we’ve seen and expect to continue.

Video Tours

Home tours on real estate websites have been around for years. Previously, however, they tended to be conducted on properties valued at $500,000 or more. Today, many listings, no matter the asking price, have video tours so you can “walk through” the home on video. This gives you a better idea regarding the flow of the home and where different rooms, closets and windows are located. Some video tours are 3D walkthroughs which allow you to look around by moving the smartphone while others are traditional video.

Facetime/Skype/Zoom Showings
If there isn’t a video tour available and you’re hesitant to tour a home in person or having a hard time traveling due to being out of state or due to COVID-19 restrictions, ask your Realtor about a live video call. This may even be a good idea if you’re interested in the home and you have already seen a video tour as your Realtor can show you things in real time and provide you with clarification for any questions.

In-Person Tours
Some homeowners are still welcoming prospective buyers into their home. They understand that one of the best ways to sell a home is for a potential buyer to experience the space themselves. Most Realtors, buyers and sellers have made changes to the process though. During a home tour, sellers often leave cabinets, closets and vanities open so there is less physical contact by the potential buyer. Many Realtors also ask buyers to wear masks inside the home. They also recommend touching a little as possible and using hand sanitizer before entering.

Some sellers even elect to contact a home inspection company for an inspection prior to a walkthrough. This helps both parties have more information about the home before visiting. As a local home inspection company, we’re providing quality inspections for both buyers and sellers. Our process has changed because of the coronavirus concerns as well, however, we still provide you with the in-depth report you need to make an informed decision about purchasing a home. Call us today at (727) 934-8339 to schedule your home inspection.